Wart Removal

Warts are small lumps that often grow on the skin of the hands and feet. These growths of the skin are very common and non-cancerous, they are caused by infection of a virus. Warts can differ in appearance. Most often warts will be round or oval shaped and have a hard, scaly surface with a small black dot (called a seed) in the centre of each spot. This black dot is due to a small clotted blood vessel. There are several different types of wart and they can develop as a single wart or in clusters.

Different types of warts are more likely to affect different areas of the body. For example, a verruca is a type of wart that commonly develops on the sole of the foot. If the skin on the soles of your feet is damaged, you may be more vulnerable to verrucas. Warts are common in children and teenagers of school age, but can affect otherwise healthy adults. Warts are more common in people with weakened immune systems.

Warts are removed by chemical cauterization or radio frequency cauterization / Laser removal.

Results may vary patient to patient.