Skin pigmentation is a disorder that causes the skin to appear either lighter (hypo pigmentation) or darker (hyper pigmentation) than the existing skin color. Sometimes, pigmentation may even appear as blotchy and discolored.

We have a skin component called ‘Melanin’ that decides and regulates the color of skin, hair and eye. The reasons behind pigmentation is the minimal or excessive production of melanin. Melanin works wonder to prevent skin from sun-induced skin cancer.

Melanin works as an absorbent filter of UV-Rays that prevents the sunlight to penetrate further in the skin. Especially the Eumelanin has the shielding effect to scatter the UV-Rays and act as a physical barrier in epidermis layer of skin. Hyperpigmentation is defined by the excessive darkening in any part of the skin; mostly face, neck and hands than the usual skin color. The prime reason being over-production of melanin in that particular area.

Different modalities of treatments are used for different pigmentary conditions.

Results may vary patient to patient.