Cryotherapy involves freezing the wart to destroy the cells. This is also an effective and increasingly popular treatment.

We apply liquid nitrogen to the wart for a few seconds and freeze the wart. Freezing the wart kills the affected skin cells causing a blister to form. This blister will be replaced naturally by a scab which will fall off in about one week.

Each session of cryotherapy takes around 15 minutes and may be a little painful. Bigger warts may need several sessions of cryotherapy to clear them up. The freezing is usually repeated between 1 and 3 week intervals for around 3 months. Some pharmacies sell a type of ‘freezing’ aerosol spray treatment over the counter. The active ingredient in these sprays is not liquid nitrogen but another compound called dimethyl ether propane. Although it does feel cold when sprayed these sprays are not as effective as cryotherapy using liquid nitrogen.

Results may vary patient to patient.